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If you have need of prayer and would like for us to agree with you for an answer from the Lord, please feel free to let us know. You may leave a comment on the site or, if you prefer that your request be kept personal, you may e-mail us at the following address:

We are very happy to pray for any requests that line up with God’s Word. However, perhaps we should mention that, occasionally, we have people request prayer for what they call an “unspoken request.” They want prayer but will not tell the person praying what the need is (healing, finances, family issues, unsaved loved ones, a place on a ball team, a winning lottery ticket, etc.) That may sound comical, but, as you can see by this one small list, these “unspoken requests” amount to asking someone to pray for a totally unidentified entity, not even knowing if his own heart, let alone God’s heart, can truly agree with it.

We believe in approaching God on the basis of His Word, because it’s only in that Word that we find His will and His promises that will bring faith for the answers. That being the case, we do not try to pray for things called “unspoken requests.” The reason, of course, is that faith comes only from God’s Word, and if we do not know what the prayer request is, then we cannot find the place in God’s Word that tells us the thing requested is His will. Nor can we find the promises or covenant truths that will create the faith to believe for the answers. No one can have genuine faith for God to send an answer when he does not know what the answer is or what God’s Word says about it

So when you send your requests, please tell us specifically what it is you want God to do for you. You do not have to know the name of the disease or the affliction from which you need deliverance. And you do not have to give us the names of loved ones if the prayer is for them. But you do need to be clear about the fact that it is a healing need, a salvation need, a relationship problem, or some other specific need in your life, so that we can go to God’s Word, find what He says, and then go before Him to make the request with a promise already in our hands.

When you receive the answer, if you would like for us to share it on this site, we will be glad to do so. But we will not reveal any information or requests that you do not wish to have revealed.

Occasionally, visitors are asked to provide their name and an e-mail address before commenting.  Those two items are required by Word Press in some instances as security measures to protect the blogs and their owners. We will never give your e-mail address to anyone else, nor will we flood your mailbox with advertisements or spam of any kind.

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    1. God loves to help students with their work when they trust Him. We’ll believe that He will bless you to remember everything you’ve studied and to be a peace and relaxed when you take the test — and that He will even multiply the results of the efforts you have made.

  1. Hi, I have been diagnosed with a medical condition in my inner ear that causes dizziness almost all of the time but some days more than others. I homeschool and my husband and i are in the ministry so there is a lot of things that I need to do that I need to be well with. I get nausea and headaches along with foggy thinking and difficulty concentrating along with it. It also causes anxiety too. I am asking Jesus for healing from that. And also, emotional healing in some areas as well as wisdom and strength. And lastly, i have a fervent desire to be used in the area of healing and so I am praying for people recently for healing, so I ask that you pray that that ministry be fruitful. Thanks so much. God bless.

    1. We will be glad to pray for you and believe for all of these needs to be met completely by the Lord. Be sure and read God’s healing scriptures as medicine as often as you can — or if it is too difficult to read at times, due to the dizziness, listen to the scripture CD and the videos on the site. They will help strengthen your faith. And God says in Proverbs 4:20-22 that His Word is medicine to all of our flesh. Many, many people have received their healing for obstinate cases by applying the Word as medicine.

  2. Dear God please im praying and crying out to you heal and strengthen my chest pain o God and heal my heart and lungs and every sickness and diseases in my body lord you are the key to all doors I pray that you open doors for me so I can get well and enjoy my life again there is nothing the doctors can do God you are my healer and my medicine please heal my body from all harm in the name of Jesus Christ I can’t live without you god I need you every step of the way I love you god please heal my sicknesses amen

    1. 1 Peter 2:24 says “ his stripes we WERE healed..” – it is done already, and as if that isn’t enough, He has given power / authority “.. over all the power of the enemy..” Luke 10:19. He bore our sin and sickness on the cross so that we could be forgiven, healed and set free!! So use the gift he gave you freely and speak to that sickness every day until it is gone! Get another person to stand with you and declare it gone. And then BELIEVE because He says in His word that he has given us the power to speak to the storm, Mark 4:39,. So receive your free gift, stand firm and believe, and speak!! And we will pray that you do it!

    2. Nicona, the Lord has provided healing and health for you by the finished work of Jesus. You do not have to beg Him for those blessings. Simply study His Word until it has convinced you that you have healing in Jesus. You must have His Word to stand on, because just begging for healing won’t always bring manifestation. You need to bring God’s Word to Him in faith and tell Him you are receiving that Word and standing on it firmly. Then speak to your body every day, commanding it to line up with God’s Word, and speak to God every day, thanking Him. You need to read the healing scriptures to your body every day because the Lord says His Word is medicine to all of our body. You will find many articles on this site that will build your faith, and you will also find healing scriptures in written format and in audio format. Be sure you make use of them to get God’s medicine into your body and soul. We will be in faith with you for complete deliverance and recovery of health.

  3. Please pray for the speedy recovery of Mr.Gladwin, the healing of my brother Barnabas Barretto spiritually and physically and the successful completion of our financial job.

  4. please do prayer for deliverance 3 evil spirits torturing me from past 4 year they 24 hr talk with me they give me threat they give me nightmare they give me pain all over my body i feel they insert something like a hot iron rod in my body parts specially in skull forehead ear eye nose mouth neck back knee. they try to sick my body they try to kill me day by day i am going weak i feel helpless please help me. remove these from my life my home. and unlock my mind body soul and give me complete healing. i am from india state jharkhand city bokaro steel city. my name is nageshwer pandey i am male.

    1. We will most certainly be in prayer and agreement with you for complete deliverance. There are some things you need to do personally as well.
      1. Be sure that you have totally given your heart and your life to Jesus Christ and made Him your Lord.
      2. If you have ever been involved in any witchcraft or satanic rituals — or in any false religions — any religious practices other than Christianity — repent of that involvement and renounce everything connected with those religions. Do this verbally, not just silently.
      3. If you know of any sin that may have opened the door to the devils, repent of that sin, turning away from it and asking God’s help to keep it out of your life.
      4. Read God’s Word — the New Testament — especially the Gospels that show you Jesus at work — so that they become a part of you. You especially need to read Matther 8:1-32 — over and over — because it shows you how Jesus deals with demonic powers.
      4. If you are submitted to Jesus Christ, you can use the name and authority of Jesus to personally command those demons to leave you and never return, and they will have to obey. James 4:7 says, “Submit yourself to God; resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”

  5. I come to you now my lord and savior with a prayer requests I been unemployed now for about a month or so just recently  had everything i needed the job and the car and now I hit a rough spot in my life where I lost mostly everything i had  i lost my car and my job and some friends now I got to start over I come to you with this request and I hope and pray that I will get a job again and actually go farther in life I pray that everything will work out for me in life pray that I will become successful in life in Jesus name I pray amen

  6. Please pray for myself and my son to be healed for severe lung disease it effects every area of our lives … I long for my son to be totally healed. He was delivered by God from heroin and now had hepatitis c … He is a spirit filled believer now. Praise God! Thank you

    1. We will definitely be praying for the Lord’s deliverance and healing for your son and for you. Be sure to listen to some of the videos and scripture CDs here on the site. And be sure to read God’s Word to your body as medicine. He promises in Proverbs 4:20-22 that His Word will be a medicine to every part of our bodies.

  7. Prayer For the Second Coming
    of Jesus –

    I pray that Jesus Christ returns to Earth soon, to bring the eternal love and peace of the Kingdom of God to all who believe in Him, and for every knee to bow to Him, and for every tongue to confess that Jesus is Lord at His return. Amen.
    Dear fellow Christians, please pray
    for this prayer request above, and
    please share it with everyone,
    everywhere! Until it comes true, and
    Jesus returns to save His people –
    which hopefully, by then, will include
    all of us!
    Thank You!
    God bless you!
    Leo Sourisseau
    Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

  8. I have a problem which i would like to share with you and hope you can help me. I don’t know what kind of problem it is. My head shakes when i look into people’s eyes for long or when i hear a loud sudden sound or when i keep my head in motion for long. My hand gesture has become very awkward. My leg movement also becomes awkward when it hears a loud sudden sound. Sometimes my eyes doesn’t know when to blink. I have difficulty making eye contact with people and there is so much of uncomfortness in my head. I feel my tooth or jaw is being pulled (contraction) I want to get rid of this problem. Please help me.I am very helpless. I am from Mizoram, India. Pray for me so that i can be healed.

    1. We will most definitely be in prayer for your complete deliverance and healing. Since we are not medical doctors, naturally, we can’t help diagnose the conditions you’ve described, but we do know that the Lord says His Word is medicine and health to our whole body. (Proverbs 4:20-22). Take the healing scriptures you find in “God’s Medicine Chest” on this site and read them to your body every day so that they can soak into every part of you. We also recommend that you read the posts on here so that they can encourage and quicken your own faith.

  9. i’m Baldly Depressed.i’m mentaly sick..I can’t do this anymore.please i need Help. What should i do now ? I can’t take this pain anymore.why GOD don’t help me. I can’t suffer anymore.its hard.killing me. . I don’t have even a single person to Comfort me..why me,like this ?
    i can’t do this anymore
    please pray for me. I’m a guy.couldn’t go to a collage.still at home.don’t know what to no mö dreamshhopes,everything gone one help me.i’malready 20yrs now.i can’t stay like this parents don’t even let me to…
    Help me please.
    I don’t have sucidel thoughts.i mean,i know i can’t sucide.i don’t have such a strength. . . I need something. . Please. !.

    1. im suffering from health problems(mentally&physically )and also financial problems. i trust in god .pls pray for me.

      1. Sudheer,
        We will certainly pray. We did not see your request on the site until this week, so we apologize for not replying sooner. We will be believing for the Lord to touch you with his power in your body and your mind. Be sure to get into His Word every single day and absorb it because He says it is medicine to all of our body. You will find several places on the blog that give you scriptures to read and to listen to, and they should make a big difference for you.

    2. Shalitha, we are sorry that we are just now getting back to you. The date on your comment says September 14, but it did not show up on the site until this week. The Lord understands that many things in our lives in this world can cause us grief and depression, but He also promises that He and His Word have the answers. You must, first of all, refuse to blame the Lord for any of the problems you are dealing with. Jesus says it’s the enemy who kills, steals, and destroys, and that the Lord gives only abundant life. (John 10:10). When we do not receive the abundant life the Lord has for us, there are problems on our end with receiving, but not on God’s end. He gives to us all the time. But He’s also very clear that it’s as we THINK in our own hears and SPEAK out of our own mouths that we receive.

      If you continue to speak only the negative things you see and feel right now, you will continue to see and feel them. The Lord says in Romans, chapter 4, that He is a God who calls those things that be not as though they were. He wants us to do the same. But you have to know what those good things are before you can call them into your life. That means you have to spend a lot — A LOT — of time in God’s Word. It is only the Word of God that can show us the promises of God and give us faith for them. And the Lord says that we need to come to Him — knowing those promises and believing them and speaking them — in order for Him to fulfill them for us. We can hinder God’s answers from coming to us by our own thinking, acting, and speaking contrary to what His Word says.

      He also says that He inhabits the praises of His people. When we praise God openly, His presence and His anointing comes to us.

      So I’d say you need to start spending much time in God’s Word — especially the Psalms and the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John). If you will read through the 4 Gospels and the book of Psalms faithfully and consistently — and if you will spend time every day praising God aloud for the promises that you see there — we believe you will begin to see things change for the good in these areas of your life. This plan has worked for thousands of people like you, but you must take the responsibility to fill yourself up with His Word and let it renew your mind and your tongue in order to be able to receive all that God has for you.

      We will be praying for the Lord to help you come into the position to receive all of His blessings for every part of your life.


    1. Tomorrow am going to do ivp xray fir my kidney praying.plz for me .wen taking xray on tomorrow size variation or any mircle must want happend . Two surgery nd one scicerrion.plz pray not to do surgery. Me heavy pain. Am suffering too


  11. I’m kiya , I pray that God gives me a good life partner soon and redeem me from my worldly loneliness . I need lots of prayers for the same.

    1. The Lord cares very much about our life partners. He is the one who said it is not good for a man or woman to be alone. Be sure that you are looking for a person who loves the Lord deeply because anyone else will pull you away from God’s perfect will for your life. We will be in agreement with you for the Lord’s plan to work out perfectly in that area of your life.

  12. pray for me and my wife latha to be good and healthy life and a baby pray that god may broke all satans bondages frm our life thank you god bless you all too amen.

  13. I request prayer for my family that God May grant us financial stability, that he may carry us to the top in the path that he showed. Amen.

  14. I’m kiya , 20 years old.I’ve been suffering from a bad break up . we are a faithful Indian catholic family , my boy friend used to be very close to me and my family, he left me to focus on his career blaming me of things that were totally irrelevant , he also hurts me pretty bad mentally and emotionally just so I stay away from him , he talks to a girl who hates me who happens to give bad information about me to him , that’s what I observed. Initailly when he broke up I tried to handle things on my own instead of giving it to the lord , and I got things messed up pretty I regret all my past mistakes and I love him , I’ve always loved him with all my heart , I always saw him as a God given gift to me taking into account my rough life and bad childhood , he made me very happy and I would never regret my love for him, I’ve tried to explain and prove myself to him all in vain , now that I’ve realized that only God can help me out in this , only he can change the love of my life’s heart , I’m praying every day and every time I think of him , the last thing I need now is lots of prayers for the same. I know I can be a good wife to him , and that if he can see over the bad impression he has on me and thinks about the good times we had , he’d be able to love me like he used to. And so I give myself to the Lord , I trust in the Lord , I give my boyfriend Robert in the Lord’s hands to , that the Lord may touch his heart and heal all the hatred , I repent for any mistake that I did knowing and unknowingly, I just need him back in my life . I wait for the Lord and take heart in him , pray for me

    1. You are right to put the relationship into the Lord’s hands and leave it there. Also, be open to the possibility that the Lord may have someone else for you who appreciates you much more. We will be praying for you.

  15. Please pray to that my partner recovers his stolen money & documents so that he can return to the US soon from Nigeria.

  16. Please pray over me, and my loved ones for healing in mind, body and spirit. Salvation, Finances. Ihave been suffering from Lymes disease please say a prayer. Thank You Margaret

    1. We will definitely be in prayer for your total healing and recovery in all areas and for salvation for your loved ones. Be sure and read God’s Word to your own body daily. He says it is real medicine for all of our flesh, and even when man can’t fix the things that are wrong, God most surely can.

  17. Hello – please stand with me in prayer for the healing of my buddy Ron. He works buildings and grounds at my job. He has several fused discs in his spine and is in constant pain. His doctor has told him “no hope” ! But I don’t believe that! I believe “by His stripes we were healed”. Please join with me to declare the healing of the Lord. I am thanking God every day that he has healed my buddy Ron by his finished work on the cross!

    1. We will be in agreement with you for Ron’s complete healing. God has restored many people’s backs, and He loves to do it. Encourage Ron to continue to read and absorb God’s healing scriptures as medicine to his body.

  18. Hi,
    My mother Dana(67) has heart disease and blood circulation problems. She had a stroke and very ill now. She barely can work and constantly crying. Please, please send your healing prayers to her.
    God bless and thank you

    1. We will be standing with you in faith for your mother’s complete recovery. Please be sure you read God’s healing scriptures to her regularly. He promises us that His Word is a medicine to every part of our body. Other people have testified that God has restored them from stroke and brain problems through their application of His Word as medicine. You’ll find several sources of healing scriptures on this site.

  19. I am from Malaysia a christian obedient member since 1992 and already baptized by Father of my local church.
    My problem now is slightly deafness. Hearing is not sharp as i am 10 years compare now i am over 56 years old now. I suffered from this problem for over 40 years.
    so have mercy on me please pray for me anytime you wish to help if it is your will ok. i believe you.

    Thank you,

    1. Hi abaj98, I’m not really an expert when it comes to advising people. But I assure you that ALL the words that is written in the Bible is the truth, it’s not a lie. So if a certain verse was written there saying “By HIS wounds, you are healed”, it’s the truth. ALL of the verses have cetain powers to heal you or to deliver you from a certain situation. And also in Proverbs 4:20, it says “My son, pay attention to what I say; turn your ear to my words. Do not let them out of your sight, keep them within your heart; for they are life to those who find them and health to one’s whole body.” Feed your mind with the word of God for the Word of God is HEALTH to one’s whole body and the bondage that’s been locking you up will break and you will have freedom for you know the word of God and God gave you the power to overcome any types of sicknesses. Just read the bible everyday, trust me, you’ll have freedom and that bondage will break! 🙂

    2. It is ALWAYS God’s will to heal His people. We will continue to be in agreement with you for complete deliverance and healing. But please be sure that you keep reading God’s healing scriptures to your own body on a regular basis. That is God’s own medicine, and often healings manifest much more quickly when we apply the Word of God in large doses. Also, you’ll want to read the free “Healing Is For You!” book on this site. It will help settle the question of whether God wants to heal you. He does. But you must believe that yourself as well.

  20. i am Daniel, please stand with me in prayer for healing, i was diagnosed with Kidney failure and High Blood pressure.

    1. Hi okello, I’m not really an expert when it comes to advising people. But I assure you that ALL the words that is written in the Bible is the truth, it’s not a lie. So if a certain verse was written there saying “By HIS wounds, you are healed”, it’s the truth. ALL of the verses have cetain powers to heal you or to deliver you from a certain situation. And also in Proverbs 4:20, it says “My son, pay attention to what I say; turn your ear to my words. Do not let them out of your sight, keep them within your heart; for they are life to those who find them and health to one’s whole body.” Feed your mind with the word of God for the Word of God is HEALTH to one’s whole body and the bondage that’s been locking you up will break and you will have freedom for you know the word of God and God gave you the power to overcome any types of sicknesses. Just read the bible everyday, trust me, you’ll have freedom and that bondage will break! Claim your healing! And also in the bible, it says; Matthew 18:19 , “Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven.” Just wait and see! And oh, don’t forget to read the Bible. It works!

    2. God wants you well, Daniel. We will be in strong agreement with you for His complete healing. Keep reading the healing scriptures to your own body on a regular basis. God says His Word is His medicine. Be sure to read the free “Healing Is For You!” book as well. It will help you as you stand in faith for the manifestation of your health.

  21. Please pray for my mom who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer two months ago. We’re believing in faith that God will heal her and give her many more years on Earth…would love for people to pray alongside us for complete healing.

  22. Hey I have been struggling with anxiety disorder as well as constipation for a year now I feel like my body is not functioning properly I felt depress and frustrated I would like you to agree with me in prayer that Jesus will heal me and restore my body back to health completely physically,mentally,emotionally and spiritually.Jesus can heal every disease and sickness.He is the same yesterday,today and forever and I believe if Jesus can heal a lot of people he can do the same for me.Please keep me in prayer.

    1. We will be glad to agree with you in prayer, Vanessa. Jesus definitely wants healing and wholeness for every one of us. Also, keep reading His Word as your medicine every day. That often helps work His power into our bodies so that we receive the manifestation more quickly.

  23. I have a severe mobility limitation due to a very long standing physical deformity in my spine, It is getting worse with advancing age. I pray that Jesus heal me so I can continue to do His work in this life – and praise His name forever. Thank You – Judy

  24. Please ask God in the name of Jesus Christ to heal my husband of FTD/Dysphasia. He has lost the ability to make conversation, and he used to talk for Britain, He has lost weight and his breathing has become affected. He knows exactly what is going on, but can get frustrated. In the name of Jesus, please pray that at least his condition doesnt deteriorate so quickly. He is on Aricept, but i`m not sure it is helping. I`m finding it hard to cope some days, and the pain of watching a loud chatty optomistic man change to what I see before me now, really hurts me, and I am living in the shadow of his eventual death, and living my life with a premature grief. We should be enjoying our retirement now, but instead, I am keeping him safe.
    You are not able to contact me on the e-mail below without first using descretion as John can read a little. Any replies need discresion as he is not aware of his condition.

    1. We will be in strong agreement for full recovery. Be sure to read God’s healing scriptures aloud as often as possible, receiving them as medicine and treatment. God promises that His Word is medicine for any and all healing needs.

    1. We will gladly agree with you, Rob, and believe that the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus is setting you free from the curse of the broken law. We enforce the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus to take control in your kidneys and your whole body and soul — to arrest and drive out every rebellious thing attacking your body and to restore law and order and perfect functioning. Keep reading the Word as your medicine. Apply it many times a day to your body.

  25. Please prayer for Ann mcdonagh she is in hospital the last 3 weeks and had bad lungs and a chest infection nearly died and then last week she improved and now the cheat infection is back and a high temperture please prayer for Ann God bless she is a good women and very kind god bless pleasa

  26. Please pray for my wife Nining (51 years old), she is sick in the back of her body (low back pain/spondylolisthesis at L4-L5). She has been suffering this pain for almost 2 years. She has found it hard to stand for long time when the pain recurs, while I have to work to support my family, we have 2 children.

    We have tried various treatments but have not seen meaningful change. I have almost given up. I beg Please pray that any and all disease will be permanently removed from her body and that she will be pain free.

    Lord, if I have displeased You in any way, kindly forgive me and heal my wife. The Scripture says that You have already borne our griefs and sorrows on the cross and that we are healed by Your stripes. I look up to You, my Heavenly Lord! Let Your healing hands touch my wife and heal her from all sickness, Lord, hear our prayer, Amen….

    1. We are believing with you. God will honor your faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ. Our prayer is that He will totally deliver your wife from all the problem and all of the causes and will fill her with His healing, His health, His wholeness, and His peace. We are believing that she will be able — like the man in the book of Acts — to go walking and leaping and praising God without pain.

  27. Hi. I request prayer for my husband Frazer Langenhoven. He has a lung disease called broncheistatses. Its damage to the airways that is not curable. He needs a miracle nw. He gets chest pains n shortness of breath and weight loss and loss of appetite. Thank u n god bless

    1. We most definitely agree for complete deliverance and healing for your husband. We have prayed for the Lord to destroy the disease and restore all of his lung tissue and heal every part of his body. Be sure to read the scriptures on healing to him (or have him read them) every day. God says His Word is medicine and that it will cure every part of our bodies. You will find healing scriptures on the blog in “God’s Medicine Chest” and in the CD of healing scriptures.

  28. I need healing in my body mind and heart and I am asking for forgiveness and protection please remove homosexuality and anything bad associated with it and bless me with a wife and a family

    1. We have seen God deliver homosexuals completely and give them perfectly normal desires and a happy marriage and family. We will be agreeing with you for that deliverance and for God’s blessings of health in every part of you.

  29. I am leading a seminar on Christian persecution in the world. I intend to teach many Americas about Christians in Islamic countries who are persecuted on day-to-day basis as well are brutally killed and don’t give up their faith in Jesus Christ.
    Please agree with me in my prayer that the Holy Spirit may make people come to listen to me. God may take charge of the whole event and me. He may prepare me to speak His truth in the way my that my lecture and audience’s questions and my answers may glorify God. Also, this event may make people join church and come back to Jesus, especially those who have left church and have forgotten God or are no saved yet.

    1. We gladly agree that the Lord will anoint you and grace you powerfully to spread the truth to many, many people concerning Islam and the horrors that it involves. May you be used to set hundreds of people free from the lies.

  30. I have been dealing with urinary issues for a couple of years, I prayed a lot but it has not gotten better on its own. I finally decided to visit a doctor and now was told might be an infection, nothing is certain yet. I go back in a month and need as many prayers as I can get because I will need to take some tests and I am so stressed and nervous. I pray it is not serious and that I can find a medication that works for me to rid me of this problem. I believe in the power of prayer and thank all who will pray for me, I truly appreciate it.
    Heavenly Father, I pray for the restoration of my health, to be healed/cured of any and all illness, sickness, diseases, infections, ailments in my body. Especially those which are affecting my urinary system. I ask Father God to extend His healing touch to my body. For my body to be cleansed of any/all toxins, repair and strengthen my organs. Drive this ailment out of my body completely. I ask for this miracle in Jesus’ name, Amen

    1. We most definitely agree with you in prayer. We have asked the Lord to deliver you completely from all the causes as well as from all the symptoms and to soothe, restore, and heal every tissue.

      Be sure to take God’s medicine (His Word) into your body faithfully, applying it to your urinary system specifically.

      If you are unsure about how to do that, you might read “Healing Is For You” and “God’s Medicine Chest,” both of which are listed in the navigation bar. You will also get help from these articles posted on this blog.

  31. Precious friends pray for my friend Seppo for his sickess in very danger situation .The lord has promises to heal him ,thanks for praying ,bless,keijo sweden

    1. We have prayed for the tumor to be destroyed and gone from his body, root source and all. Jesus said if we believe and command a mountain to move, it will move, and a tumor is a much smaller object than a mountain. We have also prayed that all the cause of the tumor be removed. Keep speaking the healing words of God over Kai. Use the scriptures in “God’s Medicine Chest” from the site and put his name into them. Whenever possible read them to him personally. That Word itself is God’s medicine. We will stay in faith with you that you will see the results soon.

      On Thu, Mar 6, 2014 at 7:06 PM, Healing From Jesus wrote:


  32. Iam suffering with heppatitis b infection.taking medicines from 2008 onwards but no cure in blood report.please pray for my complete cure in blood report.thankuuu

    1. We will definitely be praying. The Lord says that His blood delivers us from all the curse of the law, and that includes any diseases in our own blood. Keep reading the healing scriptures to your body. If you have not read “Healing Is For You!” look for it on this site. (There is a tab in the navigation bar at the top of the page.) There is also a tab for “God’s Medicine Chest,” which is a collection of over 100 healing scriptures. God says in Proverbs 4:20-22 that His Word is real medicine for all of our bodies.

  33. Please pray my son Nicholas Yeung, a 23 monhs old boym fro his Autistice specturm disorder, pray for God’s complete healing and take s away all symtoms. Help develpoment of speech and communication ability, his emotions and learning ability. Thanks a lot, may God blesses you!

    1. We will most definitely be praying for your son. God wants him well. Be sure and read and speak the healing scriptures from God’s Word to him and over him. That Word all by itself is medicine to our flesh. (Proverbs 4:20-22). If you are not familiar with a lot of healing scriptures, you will find more than 100 in the “God’s Medicine Chest” page on the blog.

  34. Pls pray for healing for my daughter who has been diagnosed with a painful genetic illness that affects the blood and causes intense pain and infections. I am also carrying our second child who i have been told has a high risk of inheriting this disease. pls pray that this curse be broken over our family by the blood of Jesus, that my unborn children be born FREE of this sickness/ infirmity, and that my daughter be made completely whole. it is very devastating to watch her cry out in pain. God bless u as you join me in faith and pray with me.

    1. We will most certainly be praying. The blood of Jesus breaks the power of every curse — including genetic ones. Your children have a covenant with the Lord and a blood-bought right to be free from sickness, disease, and infirmity.

  35. Please pray my son be healed if diverticulitis . His name is Aaron and I need all praying believers to lift him up in prayer all over the world. Pass the message to fellow believers.

    1. We will most certainly be praying and believing for Aaron. And remember that healing is found, not only in prayer, but also in God’s Word. Be sure you and Aaron read God’s Word regularly, so that it can create strong faith in both of you and help you receive the healing God has for you. You will find over 100 healing scriptures on the “God’s Medicine” page of this blog. Just click on the little box in the right-hand column.

  36. In the name of Jesus. Please pray that my brother, Terence (Terry) Williams be healed from his lung disease, that his lungs be restored, and that he regain complete oxygen levels to breathe on his own and be removed from the breathing machine. Please pray that all other areas of sickness in his body be healed, so that he can spread the Word of Christ to the unsaved and testify of God’s healing power.

    1. We will gladly pray and believe for Terry’s complete healing. If you have family and friends who can spend time reading the healing scriptures to him, that will also build his own faith as well as soak his body in God’s medicine. Also, if you will go to the CD of healing scriptures that is on the home page of this site and click on it to play, then right-click on the screen while it’s playing, you can save the CD into an MP3 format. I’m not sure how familiar you are with that type of thing, but perhaps once it is saved to your own computer in that format, you could transfer it to a laptop that you could take to the hospital and play for him. Or once it’s in your own computer, you can burn a CD of your own and play that for him.

  37. Today is August 21, 2013 I came from the clinic with bad news about my kidney. I only have one kidney and it has 30% function three stones are stuck in the tube and its blocking my kidney and swelling it. I am 61 years old. I received a message from God that people have been praying for my death. I have fever and pain please pray for me to find someone to give me a kidney and for a successful surgery on Monday and for healing in Jesus name. God bless you all thank you.

    1. We will most definitely pray for you Theresa. The Lord wants to heal you, and He wants your kidney to work perfectly. I will tell you that I had a friend quite a few years ago who had kidney failure, and the doctors believed she would have to try to have a transplant. But the Lord turned the situation around and caused her kidneys to begin functioning properly again. He wants to do the same for you.

      We will pray for total deliverance and wellness in your entire urinary system. Be sure to read as much of the book “Healing Is For You!” and as many of the scriptures from “God’s Medicine Chest” as you can. The Word itself is medicine and can change the chemalization and molecular structure of any part of the physical body. When you read “God’s Medicine Chest,” you don’t have to limit yourself to the scriptures that are concerning kidneys. All of those scriptures provide good medicine. Read all of them that you find helpful — and put your own name into them — reading them to your own body.

      Right now, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I do pray that any procedures you have done at the hospital will go perfectly and with no complications or negative effects. But beyond that, in the name of Jesus Christ, I break the power of every prayer and every word that would attempt to bring death to you. I break the power of every one of those words to bring death or any other negative effects to you or your body. I enforce the law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus against those curses to destroy them.

      I also enforce that Law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus to rule and reign in your kidney, your urinary system, and all of your body, to drive out the law breakers of sickness and infirmity and to restore law and order and perfect functioning to every part of your body.

      In the name of Jesus Christ, I command every kidney stone to be dissolved, and I command your kidney to receive life and strength and to function perfectly by the power and resurrection life of Jesus Christ.

      We will be believing with you.

    1. We will certainly pray for you and your husband, Caroline. God is delighted to give children to couples who love Him and will bring them up in His ways. Keep feeding on the promises in His Word that refer to children, and read those promises with your own names in them. Also be sure to apply the Word that promises, “The Law of the Spirit of Life has made us free from the Law of sin and death.” (Romans 8). Enforce that Law of the Spirit of Life in your bodies by your own words, and command your bodies (every organ, every gland, every system) to respond to and obey it.

    1. We will definitely be praying for complete deliverance and healing. Be sure to click on the link to “God’s Medicine Chest” in the right sidebar and read the healing scriptures to your body as well. God’s Word really is medicine to our flesh.

    1. We agree in prayer with you for God’s perfect deliverance and protection. Read Psalm 91 over your family (by name) every day. If you will receive it and apply it in faith, that Word will work protection in every part of your life.

  38. Please pray 4 me to get a government job nd my friend is not talking to me..we had a breakup so my friend should spend time with me

  39. my name is amaresh i had married above 4 yrs but not child my wife name is lakshmi now some sexual problems for me in ill health daily me and my wife crying to pray fo jesus so pls pray for me god is miracle to give good health in me and give pregnancy in my wife so please help me

    1. We will definitely pray for you and your wife. God loves to heal our bodies, and He loves to give children. The ministers in our group have seen amazing miracles again and again in which God gave babies to couples who had been told they could not have any. Keep believing.

  40. please pray for michelle marie triska god will heal me of a hernia, intestinal gas production and flatuence, and the root cause or sickness causing me gas ever since being on a medicine

    1. We will definitely pray, and we will stand on the Word of God for your deliverance and healing. One scripture that is very powerful when believing for help in your stomach/intestinal tract is the following:
      Exodus 23:25. “And ye shall serve the Lord your God, and He shall bless thy bread and thy water (food and drink); and I will take sickness away from the midst of thee.”
      The Lord wants you well, and we will be believing with you. Keep us posted on your recovery.

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