YouTube Video Lesson: Are You Laboring to Get Healed?

A short lesson to help you rest in God’s promises for your healing and receive without struggling.


(In response to Daily Post prompt: heal)



2 thoughts on “YouTube Video Lesson: Are You Laboring to Get Healed?

  1. Please pray for me. I overdosed. I repented as I did a foolish thing. It’s been over a month and my voice is not back to normal. There was a tube that was in my throat. I am trying to not be discouraged. Only close family members know. Everyone thinks I have laryngitis. Please pray that my voice box heals. Also that I would have God’s protection and strength.
    Thank you

    1. We will be glad to pray for you that the Lord will heal you completely and strengthen and protect you from any more abuse to your body. He wants you well in every area. Don’t forget to read His healing scriptures to your body and soul every day. Put your name into them. And listen to the video of healing scriptures that you’ll find on this site.

      We would also recommend Isaiah 35 and Isaiah 12, for building up your own faith and your own strength in the Lord. Even though those passages speak of specific promises to Israel, they are also prophetic in that they refer to the time when Jesus will have come and accomplished our redemption. So all the promises in those 2 chapters belong to the believer in Jesus Christ — including you.

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