I Don’t Feel Like An Overcomer

SMILEY - SAD FACE - BLUE“I don’t feel like an overcomer.”

Do those words sound familiar? Have you heard yourself saying them anytime lately? Or have you managed to keep from speaking them, but still heard them pounding away in your head?

Have you stepped out on God’s Word in faith for healing or deliverance in some other area of your life only to have symptoms and circumstances shout at you, trying to frighten you and beat you down?  And have they been doing a fairly good job at making you feel defeated?

You know the Word of God says that you already have the victory through the finished work of Jesus, but somehow, that victory just doesn’t seem as real as the defeat looming heavily just above you head.

I’ve been there myself — more than once in fact. And even though I’d walked through many times of victory when the Lord turned everything around and I came out on top — without even any scars — somehow with the new battle the voice of the enemy seemed to scream in my ear: “Yes, you had a few victories, but you won’t have one this time. You’re not going to be able to receive what you need from the Lord this time.”

But you know what, dear believer? The Word of God says differently. And the Holy Spirit — the Spirit of Jesus Himself — says differently. You know, we human beings sometimes tend to think of the Holy Spirit as something separate from Jesus Himself. But the reality is that this Holy Spirit who lives in us is exactly the same Holy Spirit who inhabits Jesus on the throne. We don’t get a little “part” of that Holy Spirit. No. That’s not the way it works. Jesus’ Holy Spirit — the Spirit He functions by and prays through — the Spirit that flows within Him — is the very same Spirit that flows within us.

The Spirit of God that raised Jesus Christ from the dead flows through Jesus and flows through us — and flows through Jesus and flows through us — and flows through Jesus and flows through us.  1 Corinthians 6:17 tells us that he who is joined unto the Lord is one spirit with Him. It’s almost the same as if we said the breath flowing in and out of Jesus is the same breath flowing in and out of us.

So what does that say about our overcoming? If the same Spirit who raised Jesus flows in and through Him continually — and also flows in and through us continually —  connecting us in an unbreakable union — then we are overcomers, whether we feel as if we are or not. So forget feelings and concentrate on the Spirit of truth and the Word, which is truth. Speak that truth. Keep saying what the Spirit and the Word say, and the overcoming will have to manifest.





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