Healing Scriptures Read by Rev. Kenneth Hagin






4 thoughts on “Healing Scriptures Read by Rev. Kenneth Hagin

  1. Thank you so much for this. I would like to ask for an agreement prayer for my Dad. They say that He has a prostrate issue and they want to operate him this coming Saturday. I have been listening to faith messages by Bro. Copeland and I know that God can do ait and wants to do it. I pray that by the operation day, the doctors will notice that he is all fine and well, and not needing any operation. Thanks

    1. We’re sorry that we somehow missed this comment on our page previously. But we trust that your faith for your father was rewarded by the Lord, and we will continue to believe the Lord for His delivering and healing work in your father’s body. Encourage him to read God’s medicine (His healing scriptures) to his own body daily.

  2. I would like to have your agreement with me in the healing of my husband. He recently battled pneumonia and is now battling after affects of this, low blood count, kidney failure, shortness of breath, edema and low oxygen saturation. I have been telling his body to get back in line with the word of God because of His word being life and true. I don’t know how else to pray for this healing and seeing it through. Thank you. Allison

    1. We will stand in agreement with you for his complete healing. Keep laying your hands on his body and commanding it to line up with God’s Word, and most of all, keep reading him the healing scriptures. Putting them into his body as medicine helps the body manifest healing faster. Also, Romans 8:2 says that “the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has set us free from the law of sin and death.” So start enforcing the law of the Spirit of life to take control of his kidneys, his blood count, his lungs, and all of his body and to override the impairment and cause those body parts to function normally. You might want to read one or two of the articles on the blog about healing in the Lord’s supper as well. Many people begin to receive their manifestation through taking the Lord’s supper. You should be able to go to the “search” window and type in Lord’s Supper or Holy Communion and find the articles.

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