‘I Wonder If I’m Just Another Job ….’ ‘No, You Are NOT!’

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Unfortunately, the book of Job in the Bible has been used by the enemy of our souls, Satan, to bring questions, doubts, and misunderstandings into the hearts and minds of God’s people concerning physical suffering and healing.  Most of the problem results from poor translations and interpretations based on man’s constant effort to explain God with the finite human mind rather than by revelation from His Spirit.

The purpose of this healing site is not to give a full treatise on the book of Job, of course. But because misunderstanding the book has often kept people from receiving healing from the Lord, it behooves us to look at some of the more serious stumbling blocks associated with that part of the Bible – and hopefully clear them up.

To that end, we have provided a link to Sandra Conner’s book — which she has provided free to readers of this site — for the express purpose of looking in depth at the book of Job and what it really says. The 53-page book, The Lord Giveth …The *Devil* Taketh Away (Looking At Job Through Jesus), has been used by God to set many people free from the confusion and misunderstanding that have robbed them of faith for their personal healing. If you want to learn more about the book of Job and what it does NOT say, click on the book cover in this post, and it will take you to the site where you can read the whole book free.


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