Intercession Opens the Door to Healing

JOHN G. LAKE - LIGHTENEDTestimony of Reverend John G. Lake, Healing Evangelist of the early 20th century and founder of the world-famous “Healing Rooms” in Spokane, Washington, U. S. A. He shared this testimony in one of his radio sermons in 1935, and in it he refers to the sister of two brothers whom he knew, Joe and Paul Gering. The woman lived in Palouse Washington but was hospitalized in Spokane.

“These men had a sister who lived at Palouse, WA. She was unfortunately married to a very wicked man. She developed a tumor, and he insisted on her being operated on. She tried to tell him that in their family the Lord always healed them. He would not listen and insisted she be operated on. They brought her to St. Luke’s Hospital in Spokane, and she was operated on. A dreadful infection developed, and they wired to the family that she was going to die, so the family began to gather here to see her. I knew nothing of these circumstances.

“I was riding up Monroe Street when the Spirit of the Lord said, ‘Go to St. Luke’s Hospital and pray for Paul Gering’s sister. She is dying.’ I went immediately and inquired at the office and was directed to her bedside. I laid my hands on her and began to pray, and the Spirit of the Lord came upon the woman, the infection was destroyed, and in ten minutes she was sound asleep and, the next day, was on the highway to a blessed recovery. These are some of the things that take place when folks get into the line of God.

“Their old mother was a godly woman who lived at Palouse. She had been notified that her daughter was likely to die, and when she got the word, she went into her closet and interceded with God and prayed for the daughter’s deliverance. I believe before God that when God spoke to me it was the answer to that mother’s prayer. He sent help through me, and the Lord made her whole.”

(You can read more of this sermon and many others by John Lake in the book John G. Lake: His Life, His Sermons, His Boldness of Faith, published by Kenneth Copeland Publications, An Outreach of Kenneth Copeland Ministries, Fort Worth, TX.)


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