Healing Is Part Of Christmas


GOLD BURST W. JOYS - BRIGHTERWe must never forget: Christmas is all about the coming of Jesus Christ to earth. The coming of Jesus Christ to earth is all about His dying for our sins and rising again.  His death and resurrection are all about making us able to become the true sons of God by accepting Jesus and all that He did on our behalf.  The stable, the manger, and the star would have absolutely no value if it were not for all that happened over the next 33 years.

And certainly one of the most powerful benefits of Jesus’ presence on earth, His death, and His resurrection, is that we can be free from sin and its curse — which includes sickness of all kinds. Yes, Christmas really is about healing.  So this is a very good time of year for YOU, DEAR READER, to receive your healing from Jesus.

For a special uplift to your spirit during this holiday season, visit the Christmas site  “Merry Christmas, World” and be blessed with the music, the stories, the laughter, and the love that is Christmas.


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